OCZ NIA Neural Impulse Actuator Brain Controller

OCZ NIA Neural Impulse Actuator Brain Controller

Last month OCZ Technology announced that the NIA, or Neural Impulse Actuator, is in mass production and will be shipping imminently. Today the NIA has been spotted on Play.com stating that it is due for release on April 21, 2008 – a week from now. You can get your own for just £99.99, or $197 USD.

The OCZ NIA is a video game controller that is controller by your brain. You put on the special headband and think about what you want to do in the game. I am not sure how well this will work, but in theory if it works perfectly, reaction times could be cut by more than half, which would give some players an advantage. All you need to do is move the mouse, and use your mind to control the movement and other actions.

Here is a short video of the NIA in action:

Main photo from Legit Reviews

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