2000 Watt Computer Power Supply

The ePOWER EP-2000P10-T3 is an ATX12V Ver.2.2 PSU with a maximum power of 2000W. 2000W can power three 9800GX2 Quad SLI systems with quad core CPU’s. Your wall socket can’t even give more than 1600W I believe. Overkill much?

4 thoughts on “2000 Watt Computer Power Supply

  1. It says at the top what it’s used for… a ton of video cards. I’ve also seen computers that run 25 hard drives, using multiple SATA pci cards, all the available sata ports, etc. And, of course, look up SSD AWESOMENESS on YouTube. The guys over at SAMSUNG hired the guys from that video to hook up some SSD drives and show how they rock… they hooked up about 24 or so, to make a 6 terabyte drive that transfers stuff at 2gb/s, transfer a DVD in the time it takes to throw the case out of a second story window, open 53 applications in 18 seconds, using a program that opens EVERYTHING in the start menu, etc. They used TWO 1kilowatt power supplies, same as this, in one awesome box.

    Don’t keep drinkin’ the hateorade. Once we get to CPUs that take 3+ volts just to run… you’ll realize that this kind of power is necessary. ^_^

    Also, I love big tits. =) Big tits told me that 2 kilowatt power supplies are awesome sauce. So yeah. Now what? xD

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