How to resize multiple images in Photoshop

Digital cameras take pictures in huge resolutions. If you’re going to email your photos, post them in forums, or do things like that, you should resize your images so they’re not huge. This also makes them anywhere from 30% – 80% smaller in file size, so it will be much faster uploading them.

It will also be easier for people to download them if they have slower internet connections. This short tutorial will show you how to resize multiple images in Adobe Photoshop with a few clicks. I’m using Photoshop CS3 for this tutorial.

1. Once you have Photoshop opened, click on File > Scripts > Image Processor…

Screenshot 1

2. In the Image Processor window, select the folder your images are in by clicking Select Folder…

Screenshot 2

3. You can save in the current folder, or choose a different folder. If you save in the current folder, it will create a new folder inside it called JPEG and put the processed images there. It will not overwrite your original images.

4. File Type – I recommend saving as JPEG with a quality of 10. Your photos will be reduced in file size noticeably and will remain good quality.

5. If you want to resize your images, which I recommend for posting them online, select Resize to Fit and enter the dimensions you want. Note: you need to keep the aspect ratio of your images. Make sure your original images are the same dimensions (they should be if they’re from the same camera) and divide the height and width separately by the same number to keep the ratio. My photos are originally 2592 x 1944, so I resize them to 1296 x 972. This is half of the original size, keeping the aspect ratio.

6. Click Run and Photoshop will start processing your images. Wait for it to finish, then you can close it.

And that’s all. Now you can resize thousands of images with a few clicks.

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  1. Any idea if you can resize by just choosing a width or height? I have a load of images where I just want to specify the width as they are different heights and I don’t want to distort them.

  2. @ Dave R:

    I see what you’re saying and I don’t know. You can try entering percentage values, or just entering a value for the width and leaving the height blank. I don’t know if it’ll work but you can try.

  3. Hi, my boss is always not satisfied with the picture size for 2 or 3 time and there are more then 1000 pictures. Now i have no problem even if he will not agree with 200 times 🙂 Thanks alot I love you.

  4. Fantastic tip!! I have been using photoshop for almost 10 years and I never knew about this feature. I was faced with the dreaded task of manually resizing over 1500 photographs for an animated music video. This tutorial has saved me so much time. The video will be complete shortly before Christmas 2009. Be sure to check it out by visiting my website! Thank you!

  5. Hi. I was so excited to read this tip and it seemed to be working fine. BUT. Problem is that when I specify the new size – e.g 127w x 127h for some reason it resizes them all to 128 x 127???? I tried putting 126 x 127 to see if that would even it up to 127 x 127 but it then did exactly 126 x 127!!! All of my original images are the same height width ratio to begin with. Is there a problem doin even hight width ratios?

  6. @ Vanessa:

    I have never had this problem and don’t know why it would do that, sorry. :/

    The only thing I can think of is it’s trying to keep the aspect ratio, and even though you’re saying it’s the same ratio, maybe it’s rounding the decimal (when changing a 500px image (for example) to a 127px image, it’s a 3.93 ratio. But then when you do 127 x 3.93, it equals 499.11px, not 500. See what I mean?

  7. THANK YOU!!! When I take a billion pictures a day, the last thing I want to do is manually resize all of them!!! This really cut down my process by a mile!

  8. is there a way to do this where you can also change the resolution of the files. i want to resize from 4752 x 3168 to 1800 x 1200 … but i want the resolution to be 300 dpi not 72 dpi. can it be done ?! i’ve tried fireworks and bridge also … i don’t know how to do it. can you help ?! thank you.

  9. @Adrian:

    There’s no way that I know about. Although why would it change the resolution by itself? Or are you trying to up-convert from 72 to 300? I don’t know if that’s possible.

  10. Hi,
    Million thanks for the tips. it awesome.

    by the way is there any way to MAINTAIN the same image resolution and DIMENSION (say 4000 x 3000) after resizing the image (say from 8mb to 2 mb). 🙂

    thanks for all the tips

  11. Answer to #6

    Regarding the resizing only by width or height.

    If you want the width to be 100 px you just set the height high like 500 px, then all your images will be 100 px wide and keep their ratio.

    You can do the same with the height.

    – Michael

  12. Thank you so much for all of this helpful information.

    In answer to #16…

    Create an action that changes the dpi to 300 and have it run. There is an option in the Image Processor window. Using this you can do just about anything that you can record with an action.

    Have fun!

  13. Hey I have adobe photoshop CS version 8.0 and when I go to File -> scripts there is no “image processor” option.. only: export layers to file, layer comps to file, etc.. HELP! 🙁 haha

  14. Am I the only one who doesn’t know how to deal with the problem of portrait and landscape images? I have 500 images to resize for my website gallery and they have to be 1000px on the longest length, so how to I set the Processor to do that?

  15. I have just tried to run it twice and I get a massive error message saying ‘Unable to Process Following Images’ with a list below it of my 500 images. I have to Force Quit out of PS to escape it.

  16. hello, is there a “image processing” script which works with photoshop CS version 8, if so, where can I download it from please


  17. thanx a ton buddy…. i hav been using photoshop since a long time but didn’t knew about this… saves me loadz of time…. one question
    Q) can i publish the same tutorial on my blog? (i will give a link to this page and will give some intro)….. thanx again….

  18. Oh my gosh! This is so amazing! Thank you so much for finding this! I work with teachers and adding their website content and sometimes they give me hundreds of photos from their field trips to put up on their website. This will save me so so so much time in the future! Thank you!

  19. Hey there – So, like others, I have a bunch of photos – some landscape and some portrait orientation – and it’s not clear to me if setting the dimensions will allow for the variation in picture orientation. Tips?


  20. @Sue I had more than 500 holiday pics and thought about this issue. I actually just took a couple of minutes to separate them in 2 folders (one for landscape, one for portrait) In the end I have all my pictures ready to share!

  21. Thanks so much! I learned to do this in school, and hadnt done it in so long i had forgotten.

    Appreciate the Tutorial and screenshots!!!

  22. Thanks a lot. It works well. I’ve a small prob. Please help me out.
    I tried a lot of websites and even photoshop, but encountered the same problem. I’ve to resize 100 images to 128×128 . when i try to do that, the images change to 128×85 whenever i try to resize them. Can’t i get it to 128×128? Anyone, any idea? Please help. 🙁

  23. @ ashwini:

    It’s preserving the aspect ratio so the image doesn’t get stretched or cut off. You would need to run a batch job in Photoshop to crop the original images to a 1:1 aspect ratio, then resize. That’s the only way I know how to do it.

  24. I have photoshop CS and from FILE …SCRIPTS…image processor is not there, just a submenu with layer options…shame…any advice ?

  25. I have the CS5 and I am fairly new to photoshop. used this technique to resize my pictures at work to 650×825 but after it processes only the height or width will be correct NEVER Both. This trick help eliminate a step in the process but I am havibng to go back and put in the canvas size manually inorder for the image size to be 650×825. Any ideas??? if anyone understands what i just tried to explain. hahaha

  26. Thanks very much. You saved me hours of work. I knew there had to be a way to resize multiple images all at once. I couldn’t imagine resizing over 100 photos, one at a time. Your tutorial was easy to understand. Perfect! I’ve bookmarked your site for next time. Much appreciated.

  27. No need to sort landscape and portrait in to seperate folders and then process. All you have to do is specify what you want, say 1000 pixels and put that in both boxes (H and W), tick resize to fit…..and Bob’s yer uncle, it keeps the aspect ratio intact.

  28. Great, was looking for this option for a long time. Still the same way to do with CS6. I’ve used this function for all pictures on my websites.

    One Q: you have recommended saving as JPEG with a quality of 10, is this the highest quality (so same as the original?). I don’t want to lose the image quality.

  29. Thank you! This saved me a lot of time resizing over 100 Wedding images. My only problem was the folder had mixed images of portrait and landscape and when I ran the process the landscape turned out with the correct dimensions and the portrait were not (WXH numbers had to be reversed) so I had to run a second time (duplicate) to fix up the portrait to the correct sizing and then replace the files. Anyone know if it’s possible to just do it all in one go?

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