Why Blu-ray prices won’t go down anytime soon

Ever since HD-DVD lost the format war a few months ago, Blu-ray prices have been on the rise. Right now isn’t a good time to buy a new Blu-ray player, and prices won’t be dropping any time soon. When it was announced that Blu-ray was the winner of the high def format war, Blu-ray prices immediately started to climb.

Blu-ray prices won’t be going down anytime soon because now there is no competing high definition format. Blu-ray has no competition, which also means the Blu-ray distributing companies have no reason to drop their prices. And prices will probably continue to rise.

There is a sort of monopoly in the high def media market right now. The prices will most likely continue to stay high or rise in the following year. Right now isn’t a great time to buy a new home media system with Blu-ray. If you want to go high def right now, I recommend a Playstation 3 as your Blu-ray player. It seems to be the best choice regarding value for price right now. The dedicated Blu-ray players do show higher quality, but the price makes them not worth your money.

As more companies will be licensing Blu-ray technology and creating Blu-ray players, the prices will start going down. But that won’t happen for another year, as new versions of Blu-ray are currently being introduced. So if you are looking for a Blu-ray player right now, either get a Playstation 3 or wait it out. If you have the money you can get a dedicated Blu-ray player, but Blu-ray is being revised right now with new versions. I myself will be waiting at least a year to get a Blu-ray player.

What will PC gamers be doing during GTA IV’s release?

As midnight approaches today, April 28th, I am wishing more and more that I had a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. So now I am wondering – what will all the PC gamers that don’t own current generation consoles be doing tomorrow (or in some parts of the world, today)? I’m sure not many people will go out and buy a console just for one game, but I do know some people that will. Grand Theft Auto IV is one of those games that will make some people buy a console just to play it.

I simply have no choice. I will have to wait it out for the PC version of GTA 4. Hopefully it will come this year, but that will be in anywhere from four to eight or more months of waiting. Why does Rockstar have to make the deals with the consoles first? It’s not fair for PC gamers, as they could have easily released GTA 4 for Windows at the same time as consoles.

So what do we PC gamers do now? Watching trailers, reading reviews, and playing on our friends’ consoles is the only choice left. Now sure the PC version is probably going to look a lot better than the console versions and will have a ton of unofficial mods, but is it worth the half year wait? I actually can’t decide that one, since mods have added so much more content and replay value to previous Grand Theft Auto games, such as San Andreas.

And now I am off to find some new mods for my PC version of GTA San Andreas. Meanwhile, for us PC gamers, the GTA 4 storyline will be spoiled in the next half year. We will see thousands of gameplay videos, screenshots, and reviews that will spoil the game. So I’ll just be hoping that the PC version will be much better, like the past PC versions of GTA. Until then, we can only wait.

image from Rockstar Games

ASE Adnet Ready for Applications

ASE Adnet is a Cost-Per-Click based content network that is specifically targeted towards web publishers. I have been trying out ASE Adnet here on WordPlop while it was still in its beta stage. Today ASE Adnet is finally ready for applications.

The great thing about ASE Adnet is that you can completely customize the advertisement layout. You can make an ad of any size, using any colors, and placing different parts of the ad – like the product price, image, and store – in different places within the ad box. All you need to have full control of your ads is some CSS knowledge, and if you don’t know CSS, there is always the option for a simple ad customization.

Another great feature of Adnet is the ability to pick which product you specifically want showing your ad. You can search the hundreds of thousands of products on the Products page, and put only the ones you want on your ad.

Payouts are through Paypal, with a minimum payout of only $25. It takes about 30 days to get paid, and a lot of the time it takes less than that. Adnet also has a great click and revenue tracking system which allows you to track each ad individually.

ASE Adnet offers the most customization and features I have seen of any ad network. So far I am extremely pleased with their service. Click here to sign up and try them out – it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Grand Theft Auto IV Might Be Coming This Year for PC

According to various sources I have found on the internet, Grand Theft Auto IV might be coming to the PC this year, sometime around October. Previous Grand Theft Auto games have come out about 6 to 8 months after the console release. If this news is correct, GTA IV might be coming only four months from the console release. I don’t know if this will actually happen, but since I’m a PC gamer I will be following more news about the PC release.

Hopefully the PC version will feature user made content and mods. Currently there are thousands of unofficial mods available for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and these add value to the game, even though Rockstar might not be happy with them. I’m looking forward to custom content for GTA IV.

I’ll post more information about Grand Theft Auto 4 for the PC if or when the info becomes available.

Getting the right version of Vista

Many people complain that Vista is overpriced and costs $300. Sure some are exaggerating, but most aren’t because they’ve been fed this information either through friends or the internet. The truth is you don’t need Vista Ultimate and you will be much better off with Vista Home Premium.

You can get an OEM version of Vista Home Premium for less than $80 online. This is a relatively low price when compared to Vista Ultimate. Vista Ultimate doesn’t have enough extra features to justify the extra cost for the average user. The only extra feature you get in Vista Ultimate that the average user might be interested in is Ultimate Extras. Microsoft promised to be rolling out Ultimate Extras as soon as Vista came out, but they didn’t. There’s almost nothing being developed for Ultimate Extras, so that is one feature down the drain that some people might have been looking forward to.

I highly recommend purchasing Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit for the best Windows Vista experience, if your computer is compatible with it of course.