Newegg to possibly stop selling Creative sound cards after customers protest

After a Moderator on the Creative Forums posted that Daniel_K’s modded Vista drivers were to no longer be distributed, the members were infuriated. All over the internet people have been protesting Creative’s decision, because Creative themselves have not developed a driver that gives its own sound cards full functionality in Vista. Today, it appears that Newegg has decided to stop selling Creative sound cards because of this.

Here is a link to the post by an account called “newegg”. There is reason to believe that this is a genuine Newegg account because the account’s profile shows a email address. To activate the account and be able to post, the account would have to be activated through a link sent to that email address. I am not 100% sure about it, but there is a fairly high chance.

Some forum members have also created threads showing interest in starting a class-action lawsuit.

I have taken screenshots in case Creative deletes the thread. Click on them to enlarge.

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