MacBook Air gets hacked in 2 minutes – PWN 2 OWN

Famed iPhone hacker Charlie Miller hacked a MacBook Air in just two minutes at this year’s PWN 2 OWN competition. Miller visited a website which contained his exploit code, which then allowed him to seize control of the computer. Contestants could only use software that came pre-installed on the operating system, which means he could have only used Safari for the exploit. Well done Mr. Miller, well done. Maybe now people will finally realize that Mac OS X isn’t virus-free like Apple claims.

Charlie will get a $10,000 reward as well as keep the Macbook Air.

4 thoughts on “MacBook Air gets hacked in 2 minutes – PWN 2 OWN

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    uh, you may want to find out what a virus is, because Miller used a heap buffer overflow in Java, and was only able to change a permission on a file that he knew was there, and already was there on the computer,

    a set up that of a computer that he actually had access to…

    when is the last time you had a “hacker” come into your house? or someone sit down at your computer to load a buffer overflow flaw?

    also a virus is something that is code that can replicate it self and spread, this in no way can even be considered even a partial virus.

    OSX still has never had a virus, while 100’s of millions of people using windows have lost large amounts of data and lots of time fighting off viruses… spending $$$ to do so…

    not a single mac user has lost data or time due to a virus, and none have lost data or time due to this java flaw.


  2. @ Joe:

    I never said the exploit was a virus. And yes, OSX has viruses for it, so do not say what you do not know about. Not to insult you, but when seeing your .mac email I knew you were going to rant about how osx is better than windows. Typical fanboy.

  3. “Maybe now people will finally realize that Mac OS X isn’t virus-free like Apple claims,” ” never said the exploit was a virus.”

    No, you did not say it was a virus, you said OS X isn’t virus free and you are half right. Their have been many viruses written, just none that were effective. Joe was right in that there is no current Virus that has caused downtime for the mac community like in the PC world. No one claims that Viruses haven’t been written. The claim is they have not been successful. All the ones to date require you to download a file and then be stupid and launch it then give it an admin password. If you do this you deserve it. Besides no OS could prevent this since it is the user that is the issue. The truth is this. I work for a company as an IT technician. We have a mix of PC’s and Macs. We have more PC’s then macs but in the 7 years that we have run macs and we have over 500 of them they have never ever had a ticket for a virus. Never! In that same time I have had to touch every PC we own to fix Virus outbreaks. These are machine running antivirus protection and server updates to the Def’s. I have personally fixed a ton of spyware issues for friends and family. I worked with PC’s for 15 years. I have run OS2, Windows 3.1 Windows for workgroups, 98,XP, Vista. I have run Linux several flavors. After 2 years of working with Mac’s for my company I sold all my PC’s and Servers and replaced them with Macs. I have never looked back. I have converted many people along the way because it requires less support from me. Our Tech department now has more Macs in use then PC’s. Why? Because when a Virus outbreak does happen we can stay up and working without worry of us spreading a virus. You can call me a Fanboy all you want it won’t hurt my feelings because the truth is I have the time and credentials to back me up.

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