Top 3 Photoshop resource and tutorial websites

If you are new to Photoshop, or even if you’re an advanced user looking for some new stuff to try out, these three sites are probably the only places you’ll need to visit to find what you’re looking for. Together they have thousands, if not a million, tutorials not just for Photoshop but for Dreamweaver, Flash, and other web media and coding. I highly recommend these sites to beginners and to pros.

  1. Pixel2life.comPixel2life was the first tutorial site I used, and I learned most of what I now can do in Photoshop from there. Pixel2life has all user-submitted content, so it is basically a huge database of tutorials. They also cover a variety of different programs.
  2. Tutorialized.comTutorialized has more than 8,000 Photoshop tutorials as of today. They also have sections for other 2D and 3D graphics, web development, and many applications. They have thousands of quality tutorials for almost anything design and code related you can think of.
  3. Good-tutorials.comGood-tutorials has more than 23,000 tutorials as of the time of this post. They have tutorials for CSS, Flash, HTML, Java, Photoshop, PHP, 3ds Max, and more. You should definitely check them out.

There are many, many more tutorial sites out there, but I think these have enough tutorials to cover everything you could think of.

1 thought on “Top 3 Photoshop resource and tutorial websites

  1. It’s not fair to say “Together they have thousands, if not a million, tutorials” when people like me (and I own a large Photoshop) are actually writing the tutorials that they are linking to.

    I don’t have a problem with these sites, since they help people what they are looking for and make sites like mine gain even more popularity, I just think sites like mine deserve more credit than those who simply get rich (advertising) and recognition with links.

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