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Here is a standard size Reddit button for your website

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

If you have social media buttons on your website, and have ever tried adding a reddit button, you may have noticed that reddit doesn’t provide a standard sized button. Most other websites, such as Digg, Facebook, and Twitter, have 20px tall buttons as an option. Reddit didn’t have one 20px tall, so I made one by modifying an existing button, and here it is:

To use it, save this button to your own server and replace the image URL in the button code with your own URL (wherever you uploaded the button). Also, note that I say button, not widget. This won’t work with the interactive widgets because they are a javascript code. Use the “reddit this!” button under “commonly used buttons” to get the right code.

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How to download Youtube videos

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Youtube has always been considered to be one of the most popular web resources for people who like to watch different videos online. Moreover you are given an opportunity to upload your own video file which could be seen by a great variety of people who visit this web resource. But you were not allowed to download youtube videos. But not so long ago this problem was solved by different software developers which offer different solutions for their customers. Such tools make it possible to download such videos and afterwards convert the video files to different formats which are easy to use. This kind of software is extremely popular today because it makes it possible to watch youtube videos offline on your computer.

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Choose the Right Place to Sell Your Mobile Phone

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

When you’re ready to sell mobiles for cash there are so many companies offering to take your phone it can be overwhelming. There are a few tips and tricks to identify a good company from a bad one. Through extensive research, has proven to be a reliable source of true information to get the most cash for your mobile phone.


Cash for Mobile Phones sites offer a variety of benefits, but some can be distracting from the information you need to make your decision. offers the same benefits of other sites, but with a straight-forward approach. One of their most popular features is to easily find out how much your phone is worth, so you know which company to sell to.


Cash for mobiles or is a trusted site offering only the most up-to-date information so you know exactly what you need to sell your mobile phone. Because they continuously check the market and the mobile phone industry, they know what companies are the best to work with and what companies really are going to offer you the most cash. They also know which phone models are getting the most cash and which aren’t.

When you’re looking to get cash for your mobile phone it’s important to find an information source to fit your needs. You need someone you can trust, after all, we’re talking about a phone you spend your hard-earned money on.

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Ecomparison Shopping With Voucher Codes

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Ecomparison Shopping for Men’s Clothing from places such as White Stuff and Moss Bros with Voucher Codes

Ecomparison shopping online is one of the most convenient ways to shop. Not only can you find everything you’re looking for, but all from the comfort of home. While, women outnumber men in online shopping, men are quickly catching up. While, men’s clothing tends to be a little easier to shop online for, there are some basic guidelines you should follow to avoid returns.


It’s important to know your sizes before ordering online. If you’re between sizes, go for the next larger size. Men’s jackets, suits and other fitted items are sized based on measurements. Make sure your measurements are accurate. Your partner can do this for you or you can visit a tailor to be measured. Shoes are listed in both U.S. and European sizes, making it easier for you to order correctly.


You can find anything online that you would find offline. Often with more color and sizing options. Search by favorite designers, type of material or price on shopping sites to find all the styles of clothing you want.

Ecomparison shopping is easy, fun and affords you the opportunities to find what you want. Always take a look at the sites shipping, return, exchange and payment policies to ensure you feel comfortable using their online store. Shop, order and receive your favorite men’s clothing in just a few days (faster with upgraded shipping options) and slip into your new jeans or suit for a new look.

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Pirate Bay Being Blocked by AVG, Might Be Infected

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

The Pirate Bay is currently being blocked by AVG Antivirus for “containing active threats.” While some say this is nothing to worry about and that AVG is blocking the website because of its torrents, maybe you shouldn’t unblock it just yet.

AVG has never blocked The Pirate Bay before, so why would they do it now all of a sudden? Because it is actually infected. Two days ago my computer was almost infected with a virus or trojan from the search results page of the site. A popup window opened, and redirected all of my open tabs in Firefox to a “CLICK HERE TO GET RID OF YOUR SPYWARE!!!!” website, at which point I immediately Ctrl-Shift-Escaped and terminated all instances of Firefox.

It has to be an infected advertisement that did this, because The Pirate Bay would never do such a thing intentionally. I suggest not using the website for at least a week, or until AVG unblocks it again.

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Google Caffeine Update

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Google is rolling out a new update that involves injecting some caffeine into its system. The “Caffeine Update” is rumored to contain a few interesting items.

Speed is now a factor in your rankings. Google will measure how long it takes for your website to load and compare it against the average loading time of other websites. If your site loads faster than the average, you get a tiny boost in your rankings, if it loads slower, then you get a tiny penalty. So this if course raises the immediate question – how do I know if my site is loading at the right speed?

Fortunately, Google Webmaster Tools can answer that question. If you login to Google Webmaster tools, under the “Labs” section they’ve added a new “Site Performance” tool that tells you how fast your website loads compared to everybody else:

Website Speed by Google

As you can see – the site in the above image loads faster than 83% of other websites. I think that’s safe to say this particular website will get a nice boost once Caffeine hits the live results pages. The other nice feature of this new tool is that it identifies ways to speed up your page, a really common suggestion it made to my own websites was to enable GZIP compression, which I am in the process of doing right now.

Another factor that is being speculated about is whether social bookmarking will be used in the ranking of your website. It’s possible that Google will rank your website higher for ranking on sites like Now this does raise the question of social bookmark spamming, and in fact there are services out there that will guarantee your story to appear on the front page of for a price (expect these types of services to gain massive popularity when this update goes live).

While we are on the topic of ways to enhance your website, here’s a few optimization tips you can use to give you a small edge in organic rankings with Google:

  • Check for any crawl errors in Google Webmaster Tools. If Googlebot is having issues with your site, it will tell you so you can fix them and stop being penalized.
  • Check for any HTML suggestions from Google Webmaster tools. This is another great feature that gives you some basic tips for optimizing your website in various ways. It will alert you if there are any meta tag problems, duplicate content issues, and such. It can be a real life saver if checked frequently.
  • Another great tool is Web Page Analyzer (by It will crawl a single page on your website and run various tests to measure how fast it responds and how long it will take an average user on various connection speeds to load your page. It also identifies other great features such as really large images or external files that are slowing your site down, and makes recommendations on what to fix so you can enhance your site to it’s fullest.

If you would like more information on the Google Caffeine update, here’s a few useful places to check:

Initial Announcement of Caffeine by Google
Google Caffeine Hits After the Holidays
Interview with Matt Cutts re: Caffeine Update

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EA Wants to Sell DLC to Pirates

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Electronic Arts has been known to try everything possible for the sake of combating pirates. They have included all kinds of much-hated DRM in their games. But now the CEO of EA has said that pirates are a new market that EA needs to make money from.

While this is great news for the anti-DRM activists, it might not be good news for gamers who actually buy their games. John Riccitiello, the CEO of Electronic Arts, wants to sell DLC – download content – to everyone who has the game, not just those who bought it. But this might turn into a very bad thing: DLC will contain most of the game, while the game itself will be more like a platform to add features onto. This would degrade the quality of games severely. And a lot of today’s games are already terrible enough.

It’s good that EA has recognized pirates as something they cannot defeat. It is impossible, just as it is impossible to stop all robbery and theft in the real world. Why waste money and resources fighting a war you cannot win? However, DLC is not the answer, at least for PC games. DLC can be illegally downloaded just like the game itself. And the biggest issue here is developers degrading the initial game on purpose so they can sell lots of DLC later on.

Download content for games is growing already, and I think developers are starting to see the profit in it. Personally I don’t like the whole DLC model because paying $50 for a game is too much in the first place. A lot more games would sell if they cost less, and in the end, the money made from the game would be the same, if not more. But pushing DLC on pirates will most likely produce no real results. Only inexperienced pirates might buy the DLC – people who know what they’re doing will just pirate the DLC.

Whether piracy affects the sale of media is still being debated, but one thing that’s been proven is that DRM only hurts legitimate gamers. DRM can only delay a game from being cracked, and that delay is typically only an hour or so. All games can be and will be cracked, shared, pirated. How game developers, movie producers, the music industry, and software companies will react to piracy depends on their success. I think it’s time for them to drop DRM, and find a way to profit off the games even if they’re pirated. DLC might not be the answer, but how about something like in-game advertising (only if done realistically and tastefully, like in Battlefield 2 or TrackMania Nations)?

Source: Kotaku, image via flickr

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ISP’s Are Banning People from Playing Modern Warfare 2

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

It looks like internet service providers don’t like it when people play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on their connections. Gamers are reporting that some are receiving notices from the internet providers informing them that they are not allowed to use P2P so frequently, or that they are not allowed to host servers on their home connections.

And why is this happening? Because the smart people at Infinity Ward gave PC gamers a big middle finger, and removed dedicated servers from the game. But how can you play online then you might ask? Why, will just use your computer as a server. And that’s not allowed on any consumer ISP.

So what can you do now? Nothing really. Infinity Ward can try to pay every ISP there is to not recognize Modern Warfare 2 traffic as running a server or downloading through P2P. But there’s nothing you can really do, because the game is in fact using your computer as a server, and it is in fact using P2P protocols to let you play online.

Putting aside the issues of security – you are opening ports on your firewall and router to play the game after all – this issue with ISP’s could have been predicted. Everyone knows you can’t run a server from home if you’re using a normal internet service provider. So you can’t really do anything but stop playing CoD MW2 online. Sad, huh?

I will never buy Modern Warfare 2 because of the way Infinity Ward has treated PC gamers. The answers they gave in interviews regarding lack of dedicated servers made it seem like they were doing this just to dumb down the PC version, so it could be as simple as the console version. This is exactly the opposite of what everyone wanted. And the reviews show (take a look at the user score).

Sources: Infinity Ward forums (although most posts are probably now deleted), GossipGamers, ModernWarFail2

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Comcast Buys NBC: Why Net Neutrality is Needed Now

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

It has just been announced that Comcast has made a deal to buy 51% of NBC. It hasn’t officially happened yet, and the paperwork hasn’t been done, but according to sources it is a done deal. What exactly does this have to do with the internet? NBC owns 30% of Hulu. Where does net neutrality come in? Comcast will be able to effectively shut down Hulu, and only allow NBC shows to be played online through Comcast.

Of course Comcast has claimed that they will not shut down Hulu. But without Net Neutrality laws to protect the internet from this sort of thing, Comcast will be able to affect what you can watch online. If you have Comcast internet, they can give NBC video streaming higher priority than competitors’ videos. That means if you want to stream a non NBC video online, it will be very slow, or even impossible.

The chance that Comcast will do this is not very high, but they have the ability now that they own NBC. This would make it unfair for competitors. Having Net Neutrality protection would prevent this from happening. While I am against government regulation for most situations, here it seems like it’s the only way to make sure the United States will keep having a fair and open internet. This is because of the way internet provider companies work in the US. A lot of places and regions in the US only have one broadband internet provider. This is kind of like having a monopoly, but it isn’t. If someone has only one choice of broadband internet, that broadband company can fully control the delivery of the internet to the customer. They can only allow access to certain sites, or slow down other sites. This would destroy the purpose of the internet, where currently every website is equal.

The internet needs to be protected with net neutrality. It cannot be allowed to be filtered by the internet companies. If ISP’s start filtering customers’ internet connections, the internet as we know it will stop existing.

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Should you buy an ebook to learn how to make money online?

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

There are thousands of ebooks for sale online that promise to teach you how to make money online. People post ebooks for sale on popular online money making forums. Some claim that they now earn a living from once reading an ebook and putting its tactics to use. Lies, they’re all lies. 99.9% of ebooks are scams. Not exactly scams, but just a compilation of information that you can easily find online for free. You might think it’s worth paying $50 for organized, step-by-step information, but the truth is that there are websites where you can get all of this information for free, also in an organized manner.

What most ebooks contain is re-written basic information. They don’t contain any “secrets” like they all promise. It’s just organized information, with affiliate links plastered all over. That means more money to the author of the ebook. When you click on the links to sign up with advertising companies, the author of the ebook gets commission. This is just one reason why you can get the same quality of information, or even better, online for free. People write guides on making money online and just use these affiliate links as a way to get paid for the work of putting together the information.

Take ProBlogger for instance. Now he sells ebooks, but unlike everyone else, his ebooks are high quality. Why? I’m guessing because all the content in the book started out as a post on the website. And the fantastic posts on making money online still remain on the website. So you can still get all the information for free, without wasting money on an ebook.

The thing about ebooks is that it’s a relatively quick way for someone to make some cash. You can write an ebook by rewriting several articles, and put it up for sale somewhere. But when people make this information available online for free, they create long-term income from advertising and affiliate links. Usually if someone is in it for the long term, they have higher quality content to begin with.

The point here is that while a very, very small percentage of ebooks about making money online are good and filled with a great compilation of information, most ebooks are trash and a waste of your hard earned money. You can find this information in forums, websites, blogs, and anywhere online. All ebooks are in effect identical because again, they are just compilations of general ideas and money-making methods. Invest the money you would have otherwise spent on an ebook, and find the information you need online. Google makes the best ebook.

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