How to Clean Your LCD Screen Without any Special Cleaning Products

October 20th, 2009 by WordPlop

You most likely have a dirty laptop screen. Lots of people like to touch their LCD screens for some reason. This makes them disgusting to look at after a while, and they can get really dirty. Yet people still don’t clean them until it’s so dirty that the dirt distorts the colors.

So you don’t want to buy any LCD cleaners because they cost over $10? Good, because there is no reason you should. All you need to clean your screen is your fingernail, a napkin, and your breath.

First off, a warning: if you are not extra careful, you will damage your screen. Try this at your own risk.

When following these steps, be extra gentle and use your brain. LCD screens are easy to damage, so don’t wipe it as if you were cleaning your windshield. Apply almost no pressure – it will take longer to clean, but you won’t crack your screen.

  1. Turn off the screen.
  2. Get a napkin (a better alternative is a microfiber cloth, like those for cleaning glasses) and make sure it is an extra soft napkin with absolutely no dirt on it. A tissue or toilet paper might work, but a lot of the time they leave behind tiny pieces.
  3. Put your mouth a few inches from the screen, and breathe warm air onto it so it fogs up, then gently wipe that area of the LCD. Repeat this until you cover the whole screen.
  4. Now look at the screen from an angle so you can see if there’s any spots left. If you can’t clean them off with the napkin, use your fingernail to gently scrape the debris off the screen. Then breathe on and wipe that area.
  5. Look at the LCD at an angle again and repeat until the screen is completely clean.

It’s that simple, and works 99.9% of the time. Save money on LCD cleaning solutions, or better yet, stop touching your screen.

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