PC with 155 Apps Running

April 6th, 2008 by WordPlop

In response to this screenshot of a Mac running 150 applications, here is a screenshot and video of my PC running 155 apps. Also, if you count the apps on the Mac, you will see there are only about 100 open, not 150 as the author claims. If you count mine, there are 155 open. And I have powerful apps open like Adobe Photoshop CS3, Flash CS3, Dreamweaver CS3, Premiere CS3, Vegas 8 Pro, every app from the Roxio 10 suite, and more.

Click to enlarge and drag:

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3 Responses to “PC with 155 Apps Running”

  1. Gad says:

    That’s really cool! I doubt mine would ever be able to do that…

  2. auto says:


  3. Andy says:

    I could not get the same

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